Main Characteristics :
1. high mechical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness.
2. good fatigue resistance.
3. high mechanical damping ability.
4. good sliding propreties.
5. excellent wear resistance.
6. good machinability.

Standard :
‧Round ros
‧Ring & tubes
6SA ( PA6 ) ( white / black ) :
This material offers an optimal combination of mechanical strengh, stiffness, toughness, mechanical damping properties and wear resistance. These properties, together with a favourable electrical insulating ability and a good chemical resistance make ERTALON 6 SA a "general purpose" grade for mechanical contruction and mainteneance.

66SA ( PA66 ) ( white / black ) :
Material with a higher mechanical strngth, stiffness, heat and wear resistance than ERTALON 6 SA. It also has a better creep resistance but its impact strength and mechanical damping ability are reduced. Well suited for machining on automatic lathes.

4.6 ( PA4.6 ) ( reddish brown ) :
Compared with the conventional nylon, ERTALON 4.6 (STANYL®) features a better retention of stiffness and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures as well as a superior heat ageing resistance. Therefore, applications for ERTALON 6 SA are situated in the "higher temperature area" ( 80-150°C ) where stiffness, creep resistance, heat ageing resistance, fatigue strength and wear resistance of PA 6, PA 66, POM and PET fall short.

66-GF30 ( PA66-GF30 ) ( black ) :
Compared with virgin PA 66, this 30% glass fibre reinforced and heat stabilised nylon grade offers increased strength, stiffness, creep resistance and dimensional stability whilst retaining an excellent wear resistance. It also allows higher max. service temperatures.

GS ( PA66 + MOS2 ) ( grey-black ) :
The addition of MoS2 renders this material somewhat stiffer, harder and dimensionally more stable than ERTALON 66 SA, but results in some loss of impact strength. The nucleating effect of the molybdenum disulphide results into an improved crystalline structure enhancing bearing and wear properties.

MC PLA ( PA6 ) ( ivory / black ) :
Unmodified cast nylon 6 grade exhibiting characteristics which come very close to those of ERTALON 66 SA. It combiness high strength, stiffness and hardness with good creep and wear resistance, heat ageing properties and machinability.

MC 6XAU ( PA6 ) ( black ) :
ERTALON 6 XAU+ is a heat stability cast nylon grade with a very dense and highly crystalline structure. Compared with conventional extruded or cast nylons, ERTALON 6 XAU+ offers superior heat ageing performance in air ( much better resistance to thermal-oxidative degradation ), allwing 15-30°C higher continuously allowable service temperatures. ERTALON 6 XAU+ is particularly recommended for bearings and other mechanical parts subject to wear which are operating for long periods of time at temperatures over 60°C.

MC LFX ( PA6 + oil ) ( green ) :
This internally lubricated cast nylon 6 is self lubricating in the real meaning of the word. ERTALON LFX, especially developed for unlubricated, highly loaded and slowly moving parts applications, yields a considerable enlargement of the application possibilities of nylons. This because of its reduced coefficient of friction ( up to -50% ) and improved wear resistance ( up to x 10 ).

MC MC901 ( PA6 ) ( blue ) :
This modified cast nylon 6 grade with its distinctive blue colour exhibits higher toughness, flexibility and fatigue resistance than ERTALON 6 PLA. It has proved to be an excellent material for gear wheels, racks and pinions.

MC GSM ( PA6 + MoS2 ) ( grey-black ) :
NYLATRON GSM contains finely divided particles of molybdenum disulphide to enhance its bearing and wear behaviour without impairing the impact and fatigue resistance inherent to unmodified cast nylon grades. It is a very commonly used grade for gears, bearings, sprockets and sheaves.

MC NSM ( PA6 + solid lubricants ) ( grey-black ) :
NYLATRON NSM is a proprietary cast nylon 6 formulation containing solid lubricant additives which grant this material self-lubricity, excellent frictional properties, superior wear resistance and outstanding Pressure Velocity capabilities ( up to 5 times higher than conventional cast nylons ). Being particularly suited for higher velocity, unlubricated moving parts applications, it is the perfect complement to the oil-filled grade ERTALON LFX.

MC501 CD ( R2 / R6 / R9 / R11 ) :
MC 501 CD is a kind of nylon with antistatic properties, with high mechanical strength, high abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance.