Main Characteristics :
1. high max. allowable service temperature in air ( 190°C, 170°C and 150 °C continuously for PPSU 1000, PEI 1000 and PSU 1000 respectively )
2. high mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance, also at elevated temperatures
3. excellent hydrolysis resistance ( suitable for repeated steam sterilisation )
4. high toughness, also at low temperatures
5. very good dimensional stability
6. physiologcally inert ( suitable for food contact )
7. good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
8. translucent, non-optical quality (except for PPSU which black )
9. very good resistance against high energy radiation

Standard :
‧Round ros
PPSU 1000 ( black ) :
PPSU 1000 stock shapes are produced from RADEL®resin. This material offers a better impact strength and chemical resistance than PEI 1000 and PSU 1000. PPSU 1000 also has superior hydrolysis resistance as measured by steam autoclaving cycles to failure. In fact, this material has virtually unlimited steam sterilisability which makes it an excellent choice for medical devices that are subjected to repeated steam autoclaving.

PEI 1000 ( amber / translucent ) :
PEI 1000 stock shapes are produced from ULTEM® resin. This advanced polymer shows a combination of outstanding thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, together with very low flammability and low levels of smoke evolution during combustion. These features make PEI 1000 extremely suitable for electrical / electronic insulators and for a variety of structural components requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures.

PSU 1000 ( yellow / translucent ) :
PSU 1000 stock shapes are produced from non-UV-stabilised polysulphone resin. It offers very good radiation stability, low ionic impurity levels and good chemical and hydrolysis resistance. Compared to PEI 1000, PSU 1000 has a lower property profile and often replaces polycarbonate when higher temperture resistance, improved chemical resistance or autoclavability are required.