Main Characteristics :
1. extremely high max. allowable service temperature in air ( 310°C continuously, going up to 500°C for short periods of time )
2. excellent retention of mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures
3. extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion up to 250°C
4. excellent wear and frictional behaviour
5. inherent low flammability
6. good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
7. low outgassing ( except water )
8. high ionic purity level
9. excellent resistance against high energy radiation

Standard :
‧Round ros
‧Ring & tubes

PBI Virgin:
PBI is the highest performance engineering thermoplastic available today, when It offers the highest heat resistance and mechanical property retention over 205°C of any unfilled plastic. It has better wear resistance and load carrying capabilities at extreme temperatures than any other reinforced or unreinforced engineering plastic.This material very attractive to semiconductor manufacturers for vacuum chamber applications.

PBI additive type:
It provides reinforcement of glass fiber and carbon fiber addition, and a lubricating addition that reduces friction and improves wear resistance.

The antistatic PBI material can adjust its surface resistance value according to the customer's production conditions.