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Main Characteristics :
1. very high max. allowable service temperature in air ( 250°C continuously )
2. excellent retention of mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures
3. extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion up to 250°C
4. excellent wear and frictional behaviour ( particularly TORLON 4301 PAI )
5. inherent low flammability
6. excellent resistance against high energy radiation

Standard :
‧Round ros
‧Ring & tubes
4203 PAI ( yellow-ochre ) :
TORLON 4203 PAI offers the best toughness and impact strength of all TORLON PAI grades, Because of its intrinsic high temperature resistance, high dimensional stability and good machinability, TORLON 4203 PAI is very popular for precision parts in high-tech equipment. In addition, its good electrical insulating ability provides numerous possibilities in the field of electrical components.

4301 PAI ( black ) :
The addition of graphite and PTFE provides higher wear resistance and lower coefficient of friction compared to the unfilled grade as well as little or no stick-slip in use. This grade excels in severe wear applications such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearings cages and reciprocating compressor parts.

5530 PAI ( black ) :
This 30% glass fibre reinforced grade offers higher stiffness, mechanical strength and creep resistance than TORLON 4203 PAI. It is well suited for structural applications supporting static loads for long periods of time at high temperatures. The suitability of TORLON 5530 PAI. for sliding parts, however, is to be carefully examined since the glass fibres tend to abrade the mating suface.

4XG PAI ( black ) :
Duratron T5030 PAI is 30% glass fiber reinforced. It has high rigidity, maintaining rigidity, low expansion rate and improved bearing capacity. This grade is very suitable for electrical/electronics, commercial equipment, aircraft and aerospace industries.

ESD 520HR ( black、ESD / T5530 ) : 
Semitron ESD 520HR has an industry first combination of electrostatic dissipation (ESD), high strength and hear resistance.  This new ESD material is ideal for making nests, sockets and contactors for test equipment and other device handling components in the semiconductor industry.