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Main Characteristics :
1. high mechanical strenght, stiffness and hardness
2. excellent resilience
3. good creep resistance
4. high impact strength, even at low temperatures
5. very good dimensional stability
6. good sliding properties and wear resistance
7. excellent machinability
8. physiologically inert ( suitable for food contact )

Standard :
‧Round ros
‧Ring & tubes
POM ( white / black ) :
These are DSM Engineering Plastic Products` virgin copolymer and homopolymeracetal grades. The acetal copolymer is more resistant against hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation than the acetal homopolymer. The latter, however, has higher mechanical strenght, stiffness, hardness and creep resistance as well as a lower thermal expansion rate and often it also presents a better wear resistance.

PTFE ( POM + PTFE ) / ( deep brown ) :
ERTACETAL H-TF is a DELRIN® AF Blend, a combination of TEFLON® fibres evenly dispersed in a DELRIN acetal resin. Much of the strength that is inherent in ERTACETAL H is retained. Some properties change due to the addition of TEFLON fibre which is softer, less stiff and slipperier than virgin acetal resin. Compared with ERTACETAL C and H, this material offers superior sliding properties. Bearings made of ERTACETAL H-TF show low friction, long wear and are essentially free of stick-slip behaviour.